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a true blood & game of thrones addict's personal tumblr account.

there will be a lot of bill stuff, jaime stuff and stuff about the actors who play them on this blog.

i also watch the vampire diaries and i ship stelena with all my heart. big paul w. fan, too.

if you don't like that, GTFO my tumblr.
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reasons why jaime lannister is better than everyone:

  • he is jaime lannister

Best. Reason. Ever.

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Oh, if that 50 Shades crap was a good book, that would be my version of Christian Grey. Totally. [Sadly the book is indeed crap.]

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I’m gonna try to come back more often again. I’m sure I missed loads and tons of stuff here. And I surely missed coming here! But with tumblr it’s so complicated. If I come here I can’t leave for hours and sometimes that’s not so good for the offline part of my life … sadly. 

Game of Thrones (TV Series)

I’m so happy they didn’t cut his hair off in the show. JAIMEEE!!!

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Those pics are the perfect reason to come back to tumblr. Sorry I was away for so long, but I was very busy and I didn’t come here because I know, as soon as I landed on the page, I would never want to leave again. lol 

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daily Nikolaj pic

One of my favorite Nik movies, especially because he speaks my language in it. :-)

It’s a great movie and I even watch it in Swedish with English subtitles. <3

I’ve been watching the first season all evening tonight, so I need this on  my blog now. 

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I’m not dead yet, I’ve just been very busy last week and I currently avoid coming on tumblr/Facebook and Twitter on Mondays before I’ve seen the latest True Blood episode because I don’t want to catch any spoilers by mistake. I will be back soon, though.













All the lovely notes… I think I’m gonna cry :’)

Omg, so many notes. I love it. ♥

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 ^  I had to, I’m sorry

reblog every time i see on my dash <3 

come on Stelena lovely shippers, we can do 100 million notes! wuhuu :3


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